EV Ready

EV Ready works with clients to provide innovative Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions for employees, customers and the broader EV community.

What we do

We develop EV projects connected directly to roof and ground mounted solar incorporating battery storage.

This flexible combination allows us to overcome many of the barriers that currently restrict expansion of the EV charging network.

EV Ready offer a temporary and relocatable rapid EV charging solution that enables EV charging facilities to be installed in locations where the existing infrastructure cannot currently support EV charging.

The portable rapid EV charging solution has it own sustainable power supply and offers the flexibility to test the viability of an EV charging location before committing to the project investment.

The EV Ready Charging solution is also ideal for clients who need short term EV charging facilities for events, shows and festivals.

EV Ready is particularly interested in developing community charging solutions in both urban and rural communities.

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